The stars of this blog, Mom and Daughter!

Momudaughter blog is now two years old. It has been refaced, reformed, edited and changed around many times since I originally published this blog site. If you really browse through the posts, you will see how much Jelina, the daughter has grown over two summers. As I the Mom, and the blogger continue to explore and discover my role as mother, this blog will continue to evolve and focus on different aspects of life.

If you proceed to the blog posts you get tidbits of information about a lot of topics. There are parenting posts, ideas on places to adventure with the kids, entries about Momudaughter’s family, and so much more to enjoy when you click the blog tab.

I’m not an expert in anything, but I do know how to share information that I believe others will enjoy, and can benefit from. If you are so impressed by what Momudaughter shares, browse the marketplace for ways we can collab or partner!

Momudaughter, a blog about a Mom and her Daughter.