My first blogging experience begin in 2012. I started a blog about my passion, Salsa Dancing. When I went to Puerto Rico and stayed for a little over 6 months, my blog moved towards topics related to tourism on the island. I enjoyed my experience writing and exploring but eventually abandoned the blog because I felt overwhelmed and uncertain about how to get all my thoughts and ideas into words. I finally feel I’ve got a clearer idea of what I’m trying to accomplish. Now that I’m a Mom, I’m finding it less difficult to get out of me what I’m trying to say to the world. There are a million things we love to do, so here we are to share what those things are! As aspiring influencers living in Tampa, FL, we are using this platform to share our story and what we do as Mom and Daughter. What you will find within is a mix of a lot of topics.

I’m Elena, the mom, and Jelina is my 3 year old daughter. Contact us with any comments, questions, feedback, or collab ideas! Also check out the Events tab to join us in our local adventures.


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Tampa Zoo

The Tampa Zoo is truly a must see kid’s attraction in Tampa! We went for the first time last week and it was an unforgettable adventure for my girlie. We went with a group of Moms and kids so both her and I had a memorable time with friends alongside! To start, parking and entering … Continue reading Tampa Zoo

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